McCloskey S130

The S130 is a highly effective screener that offers all the class leading features associated with the McCloskey S-Range, such as the High Energy Screenbox and user friendly features. The S130 can be used across a wide range of applications from aggregate, to coal, crusher circuits, wood chip, and performs extremely well in fine sand screening, on which it has excelled and stunned customers worldwide with its production capacities.

The S130's unique size is designed to meet demands of operators who require significantly more screening capacity than a 10' or 11' screenbox, but may not require the full capacity of a 20' plant.

The S130's production capabilities have been proved in a number of application demonstrations where the S130 has matched, or in some cases outperformed in productivity against the 'so called' larger competitor models, in the same material, with the same screen mesh sizes. 


48" (1200mm) Feed Conveyor 

14ft (4267mm) Grid opening: allows the use of larger loading shovels. 

Highly Aggressive 14x5 (4200x1524mm) screenbox: provides comparable product capacity with other larger class competitor models. 

Wedge System
: User friendly wedge system ensures faster screen change. 

Hydraulic Screenbox linkage system: Allows greater accessibility for screen change, and enables optimum screen coverage at varying screenbox angles.


Power Unit: 100 HP
Screen Box - Top Deck: 4.270 m x 1.524 m (14' x 5')
Screen Box - Bottom Deck: 3.660 m x 1.524 m (12' x 5')
Length All Models: 15.09 m (49' - 6")
Width All Models: 2.90 m (9' - 6")
Height Transport 2 Deck Track: 3.40 m (11' -2")
Height Transport 2 Deck Wheel 3.68 m (12' - 1")
Weight 2 Deck Track: 27,200 kgs (59,965 lbs) - est
Weight 2 Deck Wheel: 23,000 kgs (50,706 lbs) - est

 McCloskey S130
 McCloskey S130
 McCloskey S130
 McCloskey S130