McCloskey Mini Sizer

The McCloskey Mini Sizer is a compact solution for high quality screening when on site space and transport options are at a minimum. 

With a 5' x 5' (1.5m x 1.5m) double deck screenbox, the Mini Sizer can offer contractors a clean saleable product, increasing the quality of their material, reducing waste cost, and even creating new streams of revenue for their business.

Features like the hydraulic jacking leg, hydraulic wheels, and pintle hitch, all as standard, allow the Mini Sizer to be easily moved to where you need it most. For applications such as Construction and Demolition, Topsoil, Landscape, and mixed aggregates, contractors have found the Mini Sizer to be an efficient and cost effective solution.


Extended Load Area: Allows for loading with an excavator or a loading shovel of up to 2.8 meters, and increases holding width to 9-10 inches. 

2 deck, 2 bearing, 1.5m x 1.5m (15ft x 15ft) screenbox. 

Ease of Screen Change:
Both top and bottom decks are end tensioned and easily accessible. 

Wheeled unit:
On-site transportation, with hydraulic wheels  

Hydraulic Jacking Leg


Power Unit: 9.5 HP (7.5 kw) Kubota diesel engine
Top Decks: 5' x 5' (1490 mm x 1490 mm)
Bottom Deck: 5' x 5' (1490 mm x 1490 mm)
Length Transport:  9' - 9'' (2.98 m)
Width Transport: 7' - 1'' (2.16 m)
Height Transport: 6' - 9'' (2.07 m)
Weight: 2,600 kg (5,732 lb)

 McCloskey Mini Sizer
 McCloskey Mini Sizer
 McCloskey Mini Sizer
 McCloskey Mini Sizer