McCloskey 123 Sizer

The McCloskey 123 Sizer is ideal for quarry and mining applications where only very heavy duty equipment will meet your needs. With a high strength bolted construction screen box, and a high tensile steel punch plate, the 123 Sizer has the ability to handle the heaviest of materials.

Designed with durable features throughout to ensure the 123 Sizer is the most robust heavy duty scalping screen around. The Sizer is suitable for applications such as pre-crusher, scapling, heavy rock, blast material, and boulder clay. With a thick 1'' side plate, track protection, and a seperate feeder and incline belt, the 123 Sizer can offer both productivity and reliability.  


Durable: wear resistant, high tensile steel punch plate on top deck prolongs screen life. End tensioned bottom deck creates ease of screen change.

Tough Side Plate
: 25mm (1") plate on the side of the machine eliminates any damage from material build up.

: heavy duty all bolted screen box, and the largest range of working angles.

Track Protection
: complete track recess protected by cover plate, eliminates any potential damage to the tracks.

Separate Feeder and Incline Belt
: separate feed provides more controlled feed, reduced blockage and stoppages. Heavy duty 48" wide separate incline belt allows for maximum stockpile.


Power Unit: 72 HP (54 kw) Deutz or CAT Diesel Engine
Top Decks:10' x 7' (3050 mm x 2130 mm)
Bottom Deck: 10' x 7' (3050 mm x 2130 mm)
Length Transport: 31' – 2'' (9530 mm)
Width Transport: 8' – 2'' (2500 mm)
Height Transport: 10' – 7'' (3160 mm)
Weight: 23,500 Kg (51,800 lbs) – estimated

 McCloskey 123 Sizer
 McCloskey 123 Sizer
 McCloskey 123 Sizer